DWTS Season 9…and the rumors churn on…

The latest? Debi Mazar, according to “Debi Mazar” on Twitter. Assuming of course that this is the real Debi Mazar, she says the following:
Debi Mazar Twitter

Currently, Debi Mazar has a small role in the HBO Series Entourage (LOVE that show). Previously, she starred in the movie Empire Records, among other things. Her website, per twitter is UndertheTuscanSun.com.

She’s apparently 45 and married with 2 children. Which means she’ll get Derek as a partner. 🙂 Just kidding. Forty-Five is stretching Derek’s married mommies type.  A type that was broken with Lil’ Kim.  Maks? Tony? How tall is this woman??

Anyway – it’s currently rumor even though this is apparently from the horse’s mouth. Now that she tweeted she may have blown her shot.  She has quite the biography – more than I remember.

Debi Mazar Wikipedia

Debi Mazar on IMDB