Dancing with the Stars Season 9 Cast Rumor – Lou Ferrigno

Yes, I know. Lou Ferrigno. This is kind of a strange story and you may have heard it already. Lou Ferrigno said, on Anderson Cooper, that Michael Jackson was going to help him if he did DWTS Season 9. According to the LA Times,  Lou was apparently training Michael for his tour that was upcoming before his untimely death. Lou repeats his DWTS comment for them.

Ferrigno was shocked by his longtime friend’s sudden death. “I was devastated. I mean I was shocked. I still think of it as like a joke or like a dream,” he admits.

After all, they’d made plans to collaborate if Lou made it on “Dancing With the Stars.”

“He heard I was in the running to do “Dancing With the Stars,” so he said that he would teach me the moonwalk if I did the show,” Ferrigno says. “We had a lot of fun.” 

We sure hope Lou makes it on the show. This we will watch! How about you?

Lou Ferrigno