Dancing with the Stars Season 9 Cast Rumor – Leslie Jordan?!?

UPDATE: Check out the latest Dancing with the Stars Season 9 cast rumors here.

Okay, really more like wishful thinking on Leslie’s part. 🙂 I didn’t recognize the name, but I definitely recognize the face – he’s that cute little commedian with the southern accent. See?

Leslie Jordan

Anyway, according to the Nashville Examiner the guy who played Beverly Leslie on Will And Grace wants to do DWTS.

Is Leslie Jordan heading to ABC’s Dancing With the Stars? If the popular actor-comic-Southern gent has anything to say about it, the answer is: “Yes. Yes. Yes!”

Anybody that has watched Jordan on stage, screen or television, already knows that the man is a bundle of Southern fun. So, it makes sense that the unabashed performer would do more than just one show at the Rrazz Room in the uninhibited mecca that is San Francisco, still basking in its post-Gay Pride glow.

“Wouldn’t that be fun?” Jordan muses with a charmed Southern drawl. “I’m on the list, but it’s a very long list. My problem, career-wise, is that I have been around so long—people know me—but I am almost like a soap opera star. I am known within the gay community but I have never achieved, you know, whatever it is that is …w here you are known in middle America. I just need to kick my career up to that next level.”

“And I have the funniest story to tell if and when I get on,” he adds. “I was awful in P.E. Oh … how I was hit with that Dodge Ball! I was so helpless in sports. And then one semester, out of the blue, we did ballroom dancing. Everybody hated it—but me. I didn’t even know who Martha Graham was. I had this little, fat partner … I had her in a vice grip and swirling her all around. Then the teacher tapped me on the shoulder and said, ‘Mr. Jordan, you must remember that the young lady is the picture and you are but the frame.’ I looked at her and thought—I want to be the picture.”

Okay, I want this guy on the show!! He’s crackin’ me up!