Dancing with the Stars Season 9 Cast – Announcement set for August 17

UPDATE: Check out the latest Dancing with the Stars Season 9 cast rumors here.

UPDATE 2: It’s official, check out the cast of Dancing with the Stars Season 9. Nice to see lots of the cast were on our rumor list.

Tom Bergeron

Yay!! Not much longer now and we’ll find out which (and how many) celebrities will be on the show for the 9th season.  The Nashville Examiner says that Tom Bergeron will make the cast announcement on Good Morning America on August 17th.

So, does anyone have any special wishes in terms of celebrity?  Have a favorite pro that you’re praying gets a good partner? My wishes are simple:

  • I want Derek to get someone he’ll sizzle (and go far) with
  • I want Maks to get someone with backbone that is good, but gives him a hard time 🙂
  • I want Kym to get someone who will last a while and who isn’t old enough to be her father or a football player
  • I want Mark to get someone who will challenge him (i.e. non-olympian or person with NO  previous dance experience – but NOT another Kim K.)
  • I want Jonathon to get someone younger than his norm
  • I want Cheryl to get Kym’s typical partner 😉
  • Karina? Give her someone who has a shot for a change
  • I want to see Lacey dance with Derek, really – she’s gotten interesting celebs her two times out, she’ll likely get one again
  • Chelsie…hmmmm.  I dunno, she did great with Ty. She’s a toss up. I expect her to fill the Julianne slot.
  • Tony had two good partners this past season, but he’s been under utilized so give him another good one. Or at least, one who appears to be good on paper. 😉
  • Anna has a guaranteed shot at a celebrity, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be good – I would say they have to give her someone tall, but she danced great with Derek and he’s no giant. Any suggestions?
  • Did I not mention your favorite? Tell me.  I personally am not a big Alec/Edyta/Louis fan, but I don’t dislike them at all. Plus, Louis is working for So You Think You Can Dance, so I think it unlikely he’ll be back. Particularly since SYTYCD is going to a two season per year format and will be overlapping with DWTS on tuesday nights this coming season.