DWTS in Iowa – Pictures and Video

I found some video and pictures (and a review, and a blog) about the show last night in Iowa.  It sounds like it was a lot of fun – very jealous of the attendees. 😉

Pictures courtesy of  Star 102.5!  I pasted a few of them below (gallery – click on the pic and then click again for full size):

Kurt from Star 102.5 also contributed a blog. Read the whole thing, but my favorite part is:

Then we saw Shawn, Mark, and Derek Hough. Then, Lacey Schwimmer walks into our area wearing some workout pants and her sports bra. Very nice! Apparently, dancing creates fantasic abs. Jennifer caught me looking, but I think I get a pass considering Derek and Mark apparently refuse to wear shirts backstage.

I’ve only found one set of videos for this show thus far, thanks to Blazing1010. I’ve copied a couple of them, below, but there are a total of 13 on his/her YouTube channel.

I also posted a video of Derek and Chelsie, and a video of Derek, Mark and Lacey doing a hip hop number on Pure Derek Hough.