Cast of Dancing with the Stars 9 – More on Kurt Angle

Whether this is NEW information, or just recycled rumors being dressed up to look new is hard to say – this IS the internet, after all.  That qualifier firmly in place, this article in Xtreme Wrestling Scoops came to my attention – it appears new, but you be the judge.

Kurt Angle’s agent Dave Hawk recently spoke to The Sun in the UK about Kurt being shortlisted for the new season of ABC’s Dancing With The Stars.

… I was really surprised as Kurt can really move. I believe with his athletic ability and charisma, he will be a very strong contender on this program.”

Of course, Pure DWTS wrote about Kurt on DWTS on July 27 AND May 30.  Maybe we’ll see him…and maybe we won’t. But we are getting into August, when DWTS rumors suddenly become more plausible. 🙂

Who wants to bet he gets Edyta?? Kym may be too tall. 🙂