Dancing with the Stars Season 9 – The Siblings Cast?

According to Pop Crunch, not only is LaToya Jackson in talks to appear, but so is her brother Jermaine Jackson!!

While her rep has refused to confirm the report, on Tuesday, Us Weekly learned that La Toya has been approached to compete on the talent show. And in related news, La Toya’s brother, singer-turned-reality TV star Jermaine Jackson, has also been tapped for a spot on the ninth season of DWTS, premiering next month.

The reason why I say “siblings” cast is because I’ve heard “chatter” in several places about Brandy and HER brother. Someone in the comments on a previous post mentioned it, and I saw it in three other places including Twitter and the ABC Boards. Who knows if it’s true, and this could certainly be a giant game of telephone (possibly confusing siblings). Throw in that Mark/Derek/Julianne are family (even though Julianne won’t be back – or so we’re told), and all we need to hear is that Benji Schwimmer will be joining the pros (please, no – love Lacey, but no Benji please). Anybody wanna bet? πŸ™‚

How about Jack Osborne and Chelsie against Kelly Osborne and Mark? LaToya and Maks versus Jermaine and Kym?? Brandy and Derek versus Brandy’s brother and Lacey? Egads!! Or is that Gadzooks!! πŸ™‚Β  Hey David, does Beth Horn have a brother?? You keep telling me about the campaign to get her on the show (Check Beth Horn’s facebook).