The Latest Rumored DWTS Season 9 Cast Member – Howard Stern’s Wife?

Seems like a rude way to talk about her, but that’s how my source, the Nashville Examiner, refers to her. Her name is actually Beth Otrozki (or something like that), and she seems to go by “Beth O” – if the Examiner is to be believed. Anyway:

Howard Stern has said that his wife/model/entertainment correspondent/animal activist/trophy “Beth O” will be traveling to Los Angeles next month to participate in a televised reality show in some capacity, but the King of All Media is keeping quiet on the details. Although Howard Stern has stated that Beth O is scheduled to be gone on her mysterious Hollywood mission for “about a month” (probably not long enough to be on Dancing with the Stars) some fans see the statement as the weakest of subterfuge.

Apparently the Sterns are big fans of DWTS – so, we’ll find out in a few days!! Can’t wait!!