Donnie Osmond and…Macy Gray??? DWTS Season 9 Cast

Oy veh.  :::sigh:::  Alright, I’ve mentioned in at least two previous posts the possibility of Donnie Osmond being part of Season 9 of Dancing with the Stars. None of it came from actual sources, just his own proclamations from seasons past that he would LOVE to do the show, like his sister did.  He’s been oft rumored, but never a reality – maybe because he was too loud about it, I dunno.  Well today, twitter is starting to tweet about Donnie being confirmed as a cast member for Season 9 – via Norm Clarke, Las Vegas Gossip Journalist.  Why do I lament and sigh? Well, there haven’t been many rumors about him this time around, compared to some of the others I’ve talked about – until today. Now, that silence is much more troubling than the out and out campaigning, simply because in my eyes it makes it more likely to be TRUE. Dang it. 🙂

Don’t get me wrong – when I was VERY young, I loved Donny and Marie. Or so I’m told – college killed those particular brain cells. Several times over. And you know what? Donnie seems like a very nice man, with a really good singing voice. But here’s my issue – the huge fanbase the Osmonds have.  It’s a killer. It sent Jennie home too early (yes, I am a Derek fan so I am particularly bitter 🙂 ).  I don’t want ONE contestant to dominate the entire show. Please. No.

Okay, now the Macy Gray thing is totally based on a tweet I saw and that person could just be doing hallucinogens or something. 😉  But it is Carmit Bachar, an ex-Pussycat Doll doing the talking, so who knows?

Are these people spilling the beans or just WISHING?? Are they testing Twitter to see how fast the rumors travel the net – and I’m helping (I can hope, right?)? You be the judge!!  🙂  Here you go:

Untitled 1

I just had another thought (be afraid). If some of these rumors are true, such as Brandy, Ray J, Donny, Macy, Lynda Carter, Lou Ferrigno, and Aaron Carter, we will have this assemblage of music people who are quite popular combined with pop culture icons who go straight to the heart of DWTS typcial demographic – this could generate some serious voting and prevent one single celeb (ie Donny) from dominating the voting whether he’s a good dancer or not. This is getting GOOD!! 🙂 I hope.