Fast and Furious DWTS Season 9 Rumors – Joanna Krupa

For the love of….good thing I had “being lazy” planned for today!! 🙂 Is this my third or fourth rumor for the day so far? I’ve lost track! Joanna Krupa is ALSO recently from Superstars – she was partnered with Terrell Owens and if you watched the show you know how well that worked out. 🙂 Joanna is one of those model/actresses that I recognize her face but never can remember her name – so DWTS is so for her. According to the Chicago Tribune:

When I asked about her future projects, she talked about hosting a women’s Mixed Martial Arts show (“Women’s Ultimate Combat”) that will debut on NBC in January and then offered a hint on a separate project.

“I have another show coming out and if you watch ‘Good Morning America’ on Monday you’ll find out what it is,” said Krupa, adding that the show is in the “dancing” genre.

The suspense is killing me.

Yeah, me too, dude. Hey, she’s 5’7″, engaged and a model actress! Paging Derek Hough. Unless he broke his type with Lil’ Kim, that is. If he did, I page Maks. For those who are unfamiliar: Joanna Krupa

Joanna Krupa waits for her car outside the Katsuya sushi restaurant in West Hollywood

As a nod to the comments of previous posts – yes, I have seen the rumor about Jennifer Grey. I’ve considered giving it it’s own post except that all I’ve seen is ONE random tweet from an unknown person. Just putting it out there. 🙂 If you’ve seen more, by all means, let me know.