Dancing with the Stars Season 9 Cast – Spotlight on Macy Gray

Surely everyone has heard of Macy Gray, right?  Right?  Well, if you haven’t, she has a pretty thorough (but not necessarily accurate) Wiki page.  Macy is a Grammy Award winning R&B singer with a very distinctive voice. She was nominated  for the Grammy four times, and won once. She has released 4 studio albums of varying success, a compliation and one live album.  Did you know you can’t swear on stage in Barbados? Macy does. She found out the hard way. 🙂   Originally from Canton, Ohio – home of the Pro Football Hall of Fame and my mother – Macy is divorced with three children. She also apparently opened the Macy Gray Music Academy – I love that. Because she supported Barrack Obama TWO years before he even announced he was running for president, it ought to be REALLY interesting to see how she interacts with Tom Delay. 😉

Macy also has a surprisingly extensive filmography, having acted in both TV and Film.

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Macy Gray Details

Height: 6′
Age:41 (42 by the time the show airs)

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