DWTS 9 Partner Prognostications – The Women

Okay, I tried my hand at guessing which female celeb will get which male pro. Not really a guess in some instances because I do know a couple things, such as:

  • Natalie got Alec, per her twitter
  • Kelly O finds out on Friday
  • Mya found out today
  • Derek finds out tomorrow – correction, Derek has found out but not revealed his partner
  • Macy Gray is 6′ tall
  • Kathy Ireland is 5’10” tall
  • Louis is 5’7″ and Mark is 5’8″ tall

Sooooo…..based on this, and of course subject to change, here are my thoughts:

  • Macy Gray and Maks – Maks is the tallest pro and has a ‘tude and Macy is the tallest celeb and has a ‘tude. 🙂
  • Kelly Osborne and Mark Ballas – both brits, both on the short side, see below why not Derek or Louis
  • Debi Mazar and Louis Van Amstel – it will be close on the height side, but it works in terms of age better than Derek
  • Natalie and Alec Mazo – because Natalie said so

Okay, those were the easier ones – from here on out, who knows. And yes, I could be wrong about the ones above. 🙂

  • Logic says that Kathy Ireland is paired with Demetri, but the age factor may not work – so I picked Demetri/Mya- tentatively confirmed
  • I put Kathy with Jonathan for reasons I can’t explain – that’s what was left, I guess
  • That leaves us with MJH and Joanna and Derek/Tony.  I gave Tony Joanna because she’s taller and has attitude.  I gave Derek MJH because she’s closer to his normal type and she’s only 5’2″ tall and Tony is 6′.

To sum up, I think it will be: Updated at 11:10 eastern time…

Natalie/Alec – confirmed via Natalie
Debi Mazar/Maks – per Access Hollywood
Kelly O/Mark
Melissa Joan Heart/Louis
Mya/Demetri – confirmed via twitter/ABC

Okay, there is a problem here – if Debi has Maks, and demetri has Mya – then who has Macy Gray???  It pretty much leaves Tony and Jonathan for Kathy and Macy. My pics are above.  And it moves Derek to Joanna.  Sheesh. 🙂