DWTS Season 9, Week 1…Group Dance????

Derek Twitter Group Dance

What the….? I would say – and I’m sure you all would as well – that Derek is referring to a Pro Dance. But there are a couple problems with that: first, they don’t need to rehearse a pro dance this far out; second, Joanna (Derek’s partner) made reference to a Foxtrot “relay” dance the other day:

Joanna twitter

First off, it bugs that Joanna and Derek got switched from their original Cha Cha to the Salsa, which I think is harder, but could be flashier. Secondly – 16 people and you’re going to have a group dance the first week?? I guess now we know how they’re going to fill two hours on Monday AND Tuesday with performances? Holy Moley that’s a lot of dancing. This has the potential to be a train wreck and not in a fun way. 🙂

Am I alarmist? Is Derek confused? He has hit his head more than once, after all. 😉

ETA: Well, Mark Ballas said he just got done rehearsing a Pro Dance. So, someone tell me what a “relay” dance is, and why the couples are all talking about two dances?