Top 5 Things I Can’t Wait to See on DWTS Season 9

A Note from John: This is the first post for Tabitha. So, we want to welcome Tabitha to the Pure DWTS family. As you’ll soon find from this post she’s a real fan of DWTS. Enjoy!

1. The Paso-Doble
This dance just gets me every time. It doesn’t matter if it’s performed great or if just stinks. It always gets my heart going pitter-patter. The passion, the anger, the “kill” at the end…definitely my favorite.

2. The New Dances (Charleston, Bolero, Lambada, and the Two-Step)
I’ve heard of all of these but I’m not completely familiar with most of these dances. I can’t wait to see what choreography the pros will come up with though.

3. The Costumes
Okay, I know that they can be a little strange sometimes but aren’t we all secretly waiting to see just how crazy and umm revealing they are? Is someone going to rip their shirt off or wear bright red silk or almost have a “wardrobe malfunction?” It’s part of the fun.

4. The Premiere
Nothing else compares to that first night…except maybe the Finale.

5. The First Celebrity to Be Voted Off
Not one of the pros or the celebrities want this…but it has to be someone. And let me say with 16 couples maybe it’s a good thing that they go.

Ok, what are you most excited to see on the next season of Dancing with the Stars?