DWTS Season 9 News

Lots of news and interviews out there on the web today.  E! News has a slightly different paparazzi video from what I’ve seen, in addition to a Marc Malkin article. A couple excerpts:

Professional snowboarder Louie Vito hopes his stint on the new season of Dancing With the Stars improves his luck with the ladies.

“If worse comes to worse, maybe if I go to a wedding or a club, I can bust out some of the moves,” he tells us. “I’ve gotta get those smooth moves that maybe aren’t that typical. I might have to bust out the salsa in the middle of a club.”

Just a few days before learning who she’d be paired with, Burke predicted she’d be matched with someone like the 62-year-old former congressman. “I’m due for the old guy,” she said. “It’s all right though. If I keep getting the good person then people will start being upset I think.”

Oh Cheryl, I love you (and how you dance with Derek :-)), but that struck me as a bit rude. The Old guy? Girl, I hate Tom DeLay – and for a moment I felt a twinge of sympathy. ::::shiver:::: Okay, I’m over it.

Mya’s very afraid of getting hurt – a very valid fear, but one that often leads to injury. According to MTV.com:

“So far, rehearsals have been really tough,” she told MTV News. “So it’s kind of like reversing my thinking, ’cause hip-hop is so loose and not structured, and tap is so loose and close to the ground and not structured, so it’s so different. I have a lot of work to do in reversing how I think. And I have a lot of partner work to do, so I hope it doesn’t hurt me. But I think music and musicality is going to help me stay on the beat.”

Mya admitted that, aside from learning the dances, she’s also scared she might hurt herself in the process. “I had to change my shoes yesterday, ’cause my heels were starting to hurt — and keep in mind that everything was in heels,” she said. “I had a foot fracture last year, and I’ve had injuries in the past. That’s what my worst fear is. To get injured … is something I’m nervous about.”

She might be nervous, but she’s also excited to get to know the other celebrities dancing this season — one of whom she was surprised to learn would be on the show. “I didn’t think it was in her personality to do something like this, but it’s great that she is,” she said of rock progeny Kelly Osbourne. “And I actually met her last night, and she’s very cute and funny, so she’s very sweet. I was just surprised, ’cause she’s more of a rebel to me.”


Hey – I think I like these odds. But since I don’t know anything about gambling, I can’t be sure. 🙂

All the excitement is set to begin on September 21, 2009. Will the stars have enough fancy footwork to keep up with the professionals, or will they trip over their own feet and leave sooner than expected? Find out what kind of odds BetED sportsbook has on who will win the next Dancing With the Stars.

Natalie Coughlin +550
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Melissa Joan Hart +600
Mya +600
Donny Osmond +600
Mark Dacascos +600
Michael Irvin +600
Ashley Hamilton +700
Chuck Liddell +800
Kathy Ireland +800
Debi Mazar +700
Macy Gray +900
Kelly Osbourne +1000
Aaron Carter +1100
Louie Vito +1100
Tom DeLay +1200