Derek Hough Tweets about the LA Wild Fires

Derek’s tweets were picked up by USA Today, as were some by Donnie Wahlberg.  Here’s what they say about Derek:

Time for a Twitter break. From Dancing With The Stars pro Derek Hough just 29 minutes ago: “Smoky smoky smoky … I can’t believe these fires, my eyes are itchy from the ash ..”

These fires are truly scary.

There was lots of twitter activity today – almost like the kids got together and decided to have a contest. 😉

Here are Derek’s most recent:
derek tweet in n out

Here’s the picture to go with it – don’t have to worry about him wasting away this season like he did last. 🙂
Derek in n out 2

Just before that….
Derek 2

The before picture –

before fires

The after picture (so much for the Derek/Shannon break up – both pics are from Shannon’s house)-

wild fires 2

Everyone being threatened by these horrible fires – you’re in our prayers.

On a lighter note – Kelly Osborne tweeted a picture of herself. She’s looking FANTASTIC!! Great job, Kelly!
Kelly O after photo shoot
kellyO tweets

Mark Ballas thought he would post a flattering picture of his partner. 🙂 Really, she’s much cuter than this. 🙂
Melissa twit pic
He thinks it’s hilarious. He then proceeds to flirt with his girlfriend. Mark, take a note…. 🙂
Marky B twitter

I swear to god, if it weren’t for Mark Ballas having a twitter addiction, I would think that abc told them all to tweet on tuesdays. Because, Lacey and Chelsie AND Chuck Liddell all weigh in – keep in mind that all this tweeting is taking place in about a three hour time period.

Chuck tweets a nice picture:
Chuck and Anna rehearsing

Lacey’s picture makes me even more convinced she has a contender – for some reason. Maybe because he’s hot. 🙂
Mark D and Lacey

Chelsie’s picture is, I think, not from today. I’ve completely lost track. Whoever was telling me not to underestimate Louie because he’s cute – you were RIGHT. He’s a little (very little) cutie. 🙂
Chelsie and Louie practicin'

If you want to follow the celebs and the pros on Twitter, you can visit our Twitter Post and click the links to the various pros and celebs for whom we have found Twitter pages.  They’re often quite entertaining. 😉 Derek is winning so far, with that twit pic of himself – Louie and Mark D – start takin’ stuff off. 😉