Dancing with the Stars Season 9 News – Week of September 7, 2009

We have VARIETY this week!! At least one person we haven’t heard from before, and a video of another that rather defies expectations, I think. And then there are the things that make you go, ‘WTF?’ We’ll start with things that make you go ‘WTF’. Mark Ballas finding his way into People Online talking about Maks and Karina? In what universe is that appropriate? Bad Marky. 🙂 I know that Maks and Karina spent time at Derek and Shannon’s house, but I didn’t realize you two were so tight that you would discuss him with People. Derek and Cheryl also supposedly weighed in with a “it won’t affect the show, they’re professionals, blah blah blah” but that’s standard verbiage when asked questions by paparazzi. Mark goes a little further.

“He’s doing okay but he’s not happy,” says Ballas, who spoke to Chmerkovskiy Wednesday night for several hours. “I know he loved Karina. He loved her very much.”

Ballas says he doesn’t know why his fellow dancers split but was “shell-shocked” when he learned the news. “I don’t really know who made the decision but obviously he’s upset,” Ballas tells PEOPLE.

Other DWTS pros Derek Hough and Cheryl Burke said the split wouldn’t affect the hit show. “They have been dancing together for years, so they will be fine,” Burke says.

Ballas, who has been friends with Chmerkovskiy for 14 years, says reports that Chmerkovskiy’s family did not warm up to Smirnoff were untrue.

“I highly doubt that,” he says. “Neither his dad or his mom really speak English. I don’t know where that come from.”

Despite sounding “low” during their phone conversation, Ballas says, Chmerkovskiy is finding joy in his new dancing partner.

Next? Maks and Karina speak for themselves on Entertainment Tonight:

Stars past and present handicap this seasons celebs on Extra:

Next up – Kathy Ireland and Tony Dovolani on Extra!! She’s seems like such a nice woman, but I’m afraid for her on this show. She claims she’s “clumsy”. Not good.

As most of you have probably heard, Derek Hough and Julianne Hough were up for an Outstanding Choreography Emmy and did not win. But, Derek was correct yesterday when he said it was an honor to be included in that event:

Met Derek Hough at yesterday’s Creative Arts Emmys and decided he was too cute not to make my Morning Man today.

Derek was nominated for his Dancing With the Stars choreography but lost out to some dude from So You Think You Can Dance.

Derek said of his Emmy chances: “I’m not expecting to win, I’m just very happy to be here. It’s an honor. I’m honored and privileged to be a part of such a fantastic show and to be able to create and choreograph these things out of thin air is a lot of fun and I love it.”

I reminded Derek that some of the contestants got injured last season so would be take it a little easier on the choreography?

“No, on the contrary,” he said. “We always have to kind of up our game and make it a bit more daring and exciting each season. I think we should take care of ourselves a little bit more that’s all.”

He went with Joanna Krupa and lord knows they looked Gorgeous, both of them. One photo below, a whole bunch more at PureDerekHough.

2009 Creative Arts Emmy Awards, Nokia Theatre, Los Angeles, California

Speaking of Joanna, she’s heavily featured in this paparazzi video from Friday night when she was out with Derek and another friend. She actually seems like a cool girl, IMO. I’d hang out with her. You have to listen to a couple non-DWTS people and then Derek kisses the women good night and we have Joanna. And Derek being a responsible boy and taking a cab home. 🙂