DWTS Season 9 – Tribute to Patrick Swayze

I rather suspected they might do this tribute and I hoped for it! Now it appears to be reality. According to People:

Swayze, who died of pancreatic cancer on Monday at the age of 57, made a guest appearance on Dancing’s inaugural U.S. season in 2005, teaching friend and fellow actor John O’Hurley a few dance moves in rehearsal. He also came to the show and supported O’Hurley by attending the season 1 finale.

“He was one of the few people to integrate dance with being an A-list actor,” Green says. “He inspired many people and many of our pros to dance. We want to honor the great moments he’s brought to film by getting our dancers to do their interpretation to some music from his films.”


It also crossed my mind, when seeing all the male Pros coming out of rehearsal together, that perhaps they were also doing a Michael Jackson Tribute. I would LOVE to see both tributes. Who will play Johnny Castle? You KNOW my pic, what’s yours? 🙂