ABC Interview Videos

Courtesy of  TV Grapevine.  These are the same videos (with bio page)  I uploaded the other day for Macy et al, but different couples. I believe they are in the process of uploading all of them. I’ve included a few, below. The TV Grapevine site is kinda hard to figure out (for me anyway) so this link takes you to Natalie, but the others are listed on the left hand side. This LINK takes you to the list of celebs they have bios for so far – which doesn’t seem to match the video list, even though the videos are also embedded there. Make sense? Yeah, me either. 🙂

ETA: I almost forgot to blow my own horn. 🙂 I was correct – the male pros are doing a pro dance on Monday night, the female pros a pro dance on Tuesday night – the reverse of when they dance with their partners. This is per Louis Van Amstel.  Should be very interesting. 😉

Natalie and Alec

Mark And Lacey

Ashley and Edyta

Maybe it’s just me, but Ashley and Natalie seem kinda…boring? Maybe it’s Alec and Edyta? I dunno something seems strange there. Or maybe everyone suffers in comparison to Mark Dacascos and Lacey. 🙂