The All-Female Pro Dance – Week 1 of DWTS Season 9

My mom always said, if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all. 🙂 Sometimes I live by that and sometimes…I don’t. I’m sorry, but I found the ladies Pro Dance underwhelming. The men seemed to have more actual dance moves and less…I dunno, leg lifts or something. I can’t explain, really, why it felt meh to me. And no John, I don’t think it’s because there were no boys for me to look at. 🙂 The men were just more energetic or something. Although, I do find Kym’s part dazzling – probably because of the bright smile, blond hair and very long legs.

If anyone wants to see the Foxtrot Relay or Derek/Joanna’s Salsa, they’re at PureDerekHough.