More DWTS Season 9 Media from Week 2

More in the endless series of interviews, etc. from Week 2! TV Guide Online is up first:

Okay, this is super cool – but then, I’m a total geek. How they did the Season 2 Promo:

Extra Behind the Scenes:

AOL – ‘Dancing’ Backstage Report. Excerpt:

Dmitry, did having a high score make going into the elimination show easier?
Dmitry: Oh, yes! It does put more pressure on you for [next week].

Mya, how did it feel to do the encore dance on the results show?
Mya: It felt great. I didn’t go out [Monday night] because I found out I was doing the encore dance. Any night I do a great job I want to celebrate.

Mya and Dmitry, how did it feel to get a score of 27?
Mya: It feels great. I thought we did a wonderful job. I didn’t think we messed up anywhere. I’m going to keep practicing every day. It feels great to have gotten the first “9” of the season.
Dmitry: We’re tied with Karina and Aaron, so that’s amazing to be one of two couples [at the top].

Oy veh. It would be a good idea to stop talking. 🙂

Mark and Melissa, it didn’t make sense that they said we were the most improved and then got the same score as you did the first week.
Melissa: Mark has the biggest fans in the ballroom. They [saved] us.
Mark: I don’t care what they give me. I care what they give [Melissa].
Melissa: He’s my night in sparkling armor.
Mark: Polka dot armor.

Do you feel the judges compliments matched the score they gave you?
Melissa: They contradicted themselves. They all said “most improved,” but then they gave us the same score [we got last week.]
Mark: I was happy with Carrie Ann. It was nice to see her being encouraging. Her score was fair.

LOL – Love Debi.

Debi, how’s your neck feeling?
Debi: Much, much better. It was a torn muscle …
Maks: Not true. Her neck is the same. The thing that changed was thinking that she was going to find — God forbid — a cancerous lump. The doctor told her it’s a “severe muscle tear with blood in it,” blah, blah, blah. She asked, “Is it cancerous?” He said, “No.” She said, “OK, I don’t have time for this. I have to go back to rehearsal.”
Debi: It will heal.

Debi, why did you hit Maks?
Debi: He asked me to.
Maks: What people don’t know is that it was a training exercise.

A large part of me hopes Derek is not kidding – there isn’t enough excitement this season. 🙂

Derek and Joanna, how’d you feel waiting to hear your name be called safe?
Joanna: Relieved, relieved, relieved!
Derek: We were first last week. The scores were so close. Even I was nervous!
Joanna: [Derek] was like, “Whatever happens, happens.” But I was like, “I want to stay!”

Derek, the show needs a scandal this season …
Derek: (Joking) Sure … I’m working on one right now.