Rant About Samantha Harris on Dancing with the Stars

If you’ve read this blog for any amount of time you know I don’t like Samantha Harris. So, of course, when I saw this rant about Samantha Harris on the ABC boards (Thanks stephk2459), I just had to post it in its entirety. Enjoy!!


Please go to acting school or hosting school or something. You’ve hosted this show for years, six seven years?? And yet you have not improved, not one bit! How could that be possible?

– You stumble your words.
– You cannot get more than 3 sentences in a row without stumbling something
– Your timing is unbelievably bad that you sound like you just can’t wait for Tom to finish off his introduction (in the very beginning of the show) just so you can get your turn. EVERY SINGLE show!
– You’re so obviously more interested in hearing yourself (and your stumbling bumbling sounds) than actually letting the contestants speak.
– Please, please stop interrupting the contestants just so you can put in your own 2 cents. Believe me, we’re far more interested in hearing the contestants than you.
– Consider asking the producer to have someone feed you with exactly what to say.
– Your comments and questions prior and after to the score announcement are neither funny nor witty nor edgy. They’re just plain awkward and sometimes, it’s just… what the eff?
– You try too hard to get the contestant to say something rude about the judge or something shocking that your questions are either inappropriate, awkward or just desperate. Then you always, ALWAYS cut them off.
– Work on your timing, please!!
– Consider letting the contestants to plea for votes themselves instead of you speaking to the public on their behalf, the public wants to hear them.

Someone on staff or the higher up must like you or the show got so popular they just don’t care but it is starting to get very very painful to have to watch you every week, I really need to learn to tune you out.

You’re very pretty, no question. And the amount of time it took you to get back to shape after having a baby is unbelievable. If you put a fraction of effort in your hosting ability…. who knows….

Please I beg you, please…. since it doesn’t look like you’re going anywhere, would you please please seek a coach. You can do it!!