Debi Mazar Calls Out Maks’ Choreography and Shows His Soft Side

The good people over at More have been having Debi Mazar do a blog post each week on Dancing with the Stars. Since she got kicked off, this will be Debi’s last DWTS blog post (at least on However, she made some interesting comments about Maks’ choreography:

Also, I wish we had had some show-stopping moves in our choreography, like when Chuck Liddell rips his sleeves off or Mya bends backwards or wraps her legs around her partner. I can’t do splits but my legs are limber enough to do everything else and make nice lines, and I never felt that we had the choreography where I could show that stuff off. I think America wants to see chemistry and sexiness, and I don’t think we looked like we were having any chemistry except on the tango, which was brilliant the way Maks choreographed it. I spoke to somebody and their take on it was that Maks is very purist in ballroom. He doesn’t want to do all the cutesy things that people throw into a routine because the crowd likes it.

It’s interesting that she would call the “bad boy” of ballroom dancing a “purist in ballroom.” Probably more likely that Maks didn’t feel like Debi could execute many of the moves that he wanted to do.

Debi also gave us a bit of insight into Maks’ softer side instead of how the producers of DWTS have portrayed him:

After we were eliminated, Maks was very supportive. He came over to me and said, “Deb, listen, I wouldn’t trade spending time with you through this period of my life over getting any disco-ball trophy.” What people don’t realize is that we were together for 10 weeks, 6 hours a day. A lot of that time, he was going through a very hard personal time. It made things complicated, but I was happy to be an objective person in the picture and try to be supportive of him. I think we both came out of it with something, and you can’t ask for more than that.

I must admit that I’m a real fan of Maks. I think he’s a great entertainer and is great for the show.

There’s more in Debi Mazar’s blog post about Maks and her kids dancing and about Debi’s weight loss on Dancing with the Stars.

If people know of other celebrities or professionals that are blogging about their DWTS experience, please let us know in the comments. This was good stuff.