The Value of the Professional Partner on DWTS

After my previous post where Debi Mazar commented on Maks’ choreography, I couldn’t help but start to think about the importance and value of the professional partner that you get on Dancing with the Stars.

Certainly the impact of the stars professional partner goes far beyond choreography. Other benefits (or detriments) that the professional brings are: fan base, teaching ability, personality (both on their own and with their partner), etc.

Think about your favorite couple or ones that have gone far in DWTS and you’ll see that many of the above factors played into the stars success. Take Ty Murray for example. I’m quite sure Ty would have been gone much sooner had he been paired with Karina instead of Chelsie. However, Karina was a good match with Mario Lopez. In similar fashion, Maks was great with Mel B, but I think Mel B would have just been odd paired with say Mark Ballas.

This season I think Joanna is lucky to have Derek. They seem to work well together, look great together and Derek pulls a lot out of Joanna. Plus, Derek’s playfulness is a stark contrast to Joanna’s previous TO incident. Louie and Chelsie are another great match. Could you really imagine Louie dancing with any of the other pros and see it fit as well as Chelsie?

On the opposite side, Michael and Anna D. just have never felt right together. However, Michael and Cheryle Burke would have been much more interesting. Probably because it would remind me of Cheryl and Emmitt and I liked that combo. Imagine if Natalie was with Derek instead of Alec. Would be much different story I think. How lame would Tony and Kelly have been?

So, what do you think of the importance of a pro partner? Are there other factors that a pro brings to the table that I haven’t mentioned?

P.S. We could also argue how important the celebrity is to the professional. I’ll leave that post to Heidi since she’s a pro at that.