Dancing with the Stars Season 9 – Who DIDN’T Join the Show

Well, I see it could have been someone other than Tom Delay.  Someone who might have brought more entertainment value to the program. 🙂 Maybe.  If one is old enough to remember when he was Vice President.  😉 From the DePauw University Website:

Decision to Decline TV Show a Family Matter for Dan (’69) and Corinne (’43) Quayle

October 18, 2009, Greencastle, Ind. — In today’s Indianapolis Star, Dan Quayle — the 44th Vice President of the United States and 1969 graduate of DePauw University — reveals why he turned down a request to appear as a contestant on TV’s Dancing With the Stars: his mother. Corinne Pulliam Quayle, a 1943 DePauw graduate, “was instrumental in his decision not to appear on the show,” notes the “Behind Closed Doors” column.

Dan Quayle tells the newspaper, “My mother actually called me up and told me that I’m not a good dancer. Yes, I’m serious. So you listen to your mother,” he said with a laugh. “I said, ‘Well, Mother, I’m actually a pretty good dancer. What are you talking about?’ She said, ‘No, you were never a good dancer. Don’t do it.’ So how’s that for an endorsement?”

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