DWTS 9 – The Last of the Week 4 Media

At least it is if I have anything to say about it. 🙂 First is E! News which had a very short piece on Aaron, Maks and Karina – mainly the backstage cat fighting which I’m finding more entertaining than the actual dancing. Or at least up to this week it was more entertaining. The show seems to be improving like I hoped it would once we got down to a smaller number of dancers. Anyway, Maks took a shot of his own – it was very subtle, which was why I loved it. He tweeted that the energy on the show ought to be good this week (since he’s possibly dancing with Joanna and will therefore be back on set). 🙂 You go, dude. 😉

Access Hollywood has a long bit on DWTS – the first part is a rehash of LaToya fawning over Derek’s abs, but the second and third parts are new. Wait for the second part – they say something very interesting and claim that Paula Abdul said it. Very interesting in light of recent discussions around here. The third part is a day in the dancing life of Kelly Osbourne – which just made me love her even more. 🙂