DWTS 9 – Mark Dacascos and Lacey Schwimmer on Bonnie Hunt

I got several talk shows over the last few days that I’m just now getting around to posting. I have a question – how do the DWTS PR handlers get people on these talk shows? It’s very staggered and I can’t figure out the pattern. We’ve not seen Mark D nor Mya until THIS week. We’ve not seen Donny, Joanna, Louie, Michael Irvin or Natalie (until her exit shows) AT ALL. But Aaron’s been on Bonnie and Ellen. Melissa Joan Hart was on a couple shows…it’s very strange. The only thing I can think of is that Aaron and MJH (and Donny but he’s got Vegas) had the most pre-season name recognition. But, last season Lil’ Kim and Derek didn’t show up on Ellen until around this time and she had notoriety going in. It’s just weird.

Back to Bonnie Hunt. Lacey, let Mark talk, would you? Although I did like the story about Donny Osmond. 🙂