Hilarious Paparazzi Video – DWTS 9 Cast and Judges

Regular readers know that I’m a hypocrite when it comes to paparazzi – I have a philosophical problem with what they do and how they make their living, yet occasionally I will use something they come up with. That said, nobody seems to mind Henry the Pap – he’s too cute and he’s NICE. So, if the celebs don’t mind, I’ll go with it.

Len MAKES this video – hilarious. OMG – cocktails or age? 😉 Little bit of everyone: Chelsie talking with gum in her mouth, Louis and Melissa being cute, Anna D. talking about her hair, Derek holding on to Joanna and his sister Marabeth and helping them across the street, Julianne, Kelly O, Louis, Jonathan and Anna T at the end.

ETA: If anyone is interested in seeing a few pictures from the party, they’re at PureDerekHough.