Miscellaneous Media From Week 6, DWTS Season 9

As usual, George P. from the local ABC affiliate in Los Angeles gets the best post show interviews out of our couples. I’m posting a couple below, follow the link to find your favorites!

Derek and Joanna – even without my Derek bias, I love this interview because they’re both so excited and pumped toward the end. That’s what I want to see from people on this show!

I have come to the conclusion that there are two Donny Osmonds, a good Donny and a bad Donny. Bad Donny tries to take the mic from Tom Bergeron. Good Donny is often seen in post show interviews – while he does try to take George’s Mic at one point (HATE that), over all this is the good Donny. This Donny I could root for and not mind when he wins.

Oh darling Kelly – you may FEEL one way, but it’s not showing on your face!! Get your face to go with your insides and you’ll go up the leader board.