Louie Vito Sent Home on DWTS

He was my favorite and I’m so sad that he was sent home over Michael Irvin 🙁  I loved his chemistry with Chelsie and his willingness to support her in every dance from week to week!  I understand that he dropped Chelsie twice on Monday nights show and that was a huge NO-NO for the judges but I thought he did beautifully in the style.  Enough venting on my love for Louie Vito…let’s see some of his best dances and costumes 🙂

I think I’m just a hopeless romantic and always hoped these two would get together for the first shomance of the season!

Week 6: Jitterbug

Week 3: Rumba

Nothing says sexy like a typical Latin outfit!  He was very hot and complementary to Chelsie’s gold costume!

I love him in red!  His muscles are crazy amazing and look how much fun he’s having with Chelsie!

Do you see how in to Chelsie he is right now!  I think this is my favorite outfit on him because he’s in his element with the over sized t-shirt and biker jacket!  This is the only time that I didn’t like Chelsie’s costume with Louie’s

I couldn’t find a picture of his beginning get up but this is equally sexy!  And Chelsie looks so gorgeous!