The Last of the Media for DWTS Seaon 9, Week 8

This should be the last of it for Week 8. Maybe it’s just me, but it seems we aren’t getting as much media coverage this season as we have in seasons past. What we do get is overwhelmingly slanted towards Donny Osmond (although I imagine it evens out if you don’t count Entertainment Tonight).

Reality Chat!! I want Joanna’s outfit too. A little bit of “damning with faint praise” of Mya, if tone is anything to go by.

Aaron and Karina on The View. Aaron, there’s no crying in Ballroom!! 😉

DWTS on E! with Special Correspondent Mark “cheesey” Ballas. 🙂

E! News – the final four, and more crying in the Ballroom. 🙂

Entertainment Tonight continues the relentless pimping of Donny Osmond. I like Donny WAY better than I like his sister, and she keeps reminding me how much I disliked her when she was on the show. At least on this particular episode they give Kelly a tiny moment of screen time.

ET again – how much stock do YOU think the Osmonds own?? I’m thinking a lot. They again give Kelly a bit of screen time.