DWTS 9 Week 9 Power Rankings

Bear with me, kids: I have been having major issues with both my cable & internet since about 7 pm tonight and have consequently missed decent-sized chunks of the show, either due to the DVR freezing up or being on the phone to the AT&T folks…so I almost don’t feel justified in ranking this week due to the fact that I didn’t see many of the routines in their entirety.  So I’m going to rank based on what I saw, and as always, you guys are free to agree/disagree and also to fill  me in on what I missed, hehe.  Gosh I love when technology malfunctions…and Mercury isn’t even in retrograde right now!!!

1.) Mya & Dmitry – Admittedly, I missed probably 2/3 of their waltz, and didn’t catch the lead-in to their salsa and consequently thought it was another samba (due to the very samba-y music…definitely thought it was strange that they were doing the same dance 2 weeks in a row, lol)…but from what I did see tonight, Mya FINALLY became a real contender for me – even if it was because everyone else just felt a bit ho-hum for me this week.  Her solo in the salsa felt the most confident and well-executed to me of all the solos tonight, and she seemed almost infallible in both her salsa & cha-cha…and for the first time in this competition, I actually felt the heat from Dmitry at the end of their salsa (homeboy actually looked like he wanted to kiss her, for once!).  Their cha-cha also felt like it was the flashiest & most memorable of the knockout routines tonight.  Granted, I will freely admit I did not catch the whole show, but these two slightly edged out Joanna & Derek for me this week in terms of energy & creativity, and their near-perfect scores (and lavish praise from the judges, save Carrie Ann) will likely carry them through to the final, as well as what appears to be a growing fan base.

2.) Joanna & Derek – Missed all but about the first 10 seconds of their cha-cha, and missed the middle section of their Viennese waltz.  What I saw of the waltz was lovely, and their salsa was fun & energetic…but I must confess it felt a bit too recycled for me. Maybe I’m just getting bored with the signature Derek “I’m gonna drop her neck down to waist level and bob it up and down a few times while I step over it” move – I think I liked it better in the mambo marathon when it was slightly dirtier, hehe.  Again, I reiterate: I only saw the first 10-15 seconds of their cha-cha, but from what I saw, Joanna seemed a bit stiff, which is strange because she has seemed increasingly more fluid to me as the competition wore on…I think she & Derek may have gotten a bit burnt out this week and their performance quality may have suffered a bit as a result.  Nonetheless, I think they are a definite fan favorite and sincerely doubt their are in any danger of not making the finals…but I’m sure Heidi & company are working as we speak to lower that risk 😉

3.) Donny & Kym – Ok, oddly enough, this was the only couple tonight that I didn’t miss any of their actual performances (I did miss a bit of their lead-in package, though) – and I’m sorry to say they were probably the most disappointing to me tonight.  Poor Donny just couldn’t seem to get his head in the game with that tango – missteps all over the place, and rather than projecting the serious, intense feel of the tango, it just seemed like his was just trying to keep count in his head.  The wardrobe malfunction with Kym’s skirt didn’t seem to help matters much either, as she even looked a bit off-balance to me.  Their samba was a bit better, but as cute as the song choice was, it was honestly a bit off-putting to me – the choreography seemed a bit too sexy for such an happy, innocent song, and Donny was making some ridiculous facial expressions that left it a bit hard for me to take him seriously, hehe.  The most memorable part of their jitterbug was the costumes – but beyond that, I am left trying to remember anything really good that stuck out in my head about their routines.  But as I’ve said week after week, Donny’s fanbase is unrivaled, and he’s likely a shoo-in for the finale…

4.) Kelly & Louis – I think we all may have had Kelly pegged to go home this week already, but wow – way to go out with a bang.  What I saw of her this week was the most confident & on-point I’ve seen her all season – aside from the really awkward solo (probably the weakest of the night) in her rumba, I actually thought it was pretty good, and she looked beautiful in her pale pink dress & understated (for ballroom!) makeup.  Missed the back half of her quickstep – but it looks as though she started off decently enough, and then began to get off-time an off-step towards the middle, but thought it was a fun & memorable song choice.  Her cha-cha knock-out was probably her strongest dance for me tonight – she really managed to finally move, and smile, and the theme was cute and memorable.  And again – she & Louis are just sunshine and rainbows together.  I’m honestly going to be sad to see them go, but after being in the bottom 2 last week and being up against the likes of Mya, Joanna, & Donny, I just don’t think she has the steam to plow through to the final…goodbye & godspeed, Kelly!

We’re getting down to the wire, folks…only one more ranking to go for this season, in which I will have to predict who will waltz off with the mirrorball in the finale! Who do you think will make it through to next week’s finale, and grace (or disgrace) us with their freestyle??? Let’s hear it! Hopefully I will get my internet to hold out long enough for me to post this (fingers crossed), and hopefully I didn’t miss so much of the show tonight that it totally throws off my rankings…feel free to fill me in, guys! I’m off to yell at the tech support guys again…toodaloo!