DWTS Season 9, Week 9 – Interviews and Stuff

😉 Got tired of the same names for these posts. I just wanna say, no matter who goes tonight, everyone is a winner. Tremendous accomplishment making it to the final four out of 16 couples, particularly for Joanna and Kelly. All four couples left should be proud. I’m happy with this final four, no matter who leaves tonight.

Derek and Joanna on the Ryan Seacrest Show.

DWTS Week 9 on Radar Online <---click All four couples on Access Hollywood

This dude/dudette from the LA Times is kinda reading my mind in spots here:

Topping the leader board and blazing a glittery trail to the finish were Mya and Dmitry Chaplin. Earlier in the competition it seemed natural front-runner Mya could do no right by the judges. Now it appears that the Washington D.C./Maryland-born-and-raised singer and former tap dancer can do no wrong. Wouldn’t it be funny if that’s what the judges/producers had in mind all along – to bring Mya down to Earth so that she wouldn’t dominate the entire season, and then unleash her like a sparkle-worthy superstar on the ballroom floor so she can soar, chiffon wisps and all, in time for the finals?

Entertainment Tonight (Marie Osmond Warning 😉 )