DWTS 9, Week 9 – The Last of the Media

I hope. 🙂

First, on E! from Tuesday, Julianne outs herself as a Twilight fanatic who belongs to Team Edward – for further outage, check her twitter when she tells everyone she and her sisters went to the midnight showing on thurday night/friday morning here in Nashville. Julianne also talks about Chuck. Also Cheryl interviews Mya and calls Len “a pervert”.

The Insider makes use of Pap Henry’s off hand question to Derek about Playgirl – this is how rumors get started, ya’ll. 🙂

E! News from Wednesday – The elimination results in (very) brief.

Holy cow! Entertainment Tonight covers someone other than Donny – or should I say, in *addition* to Donny!! Maybe it’s bad luck for the couple, since Derek and Joanna get eliminated the next night. 🙂

Entertainment Tonight from Wednesday Night – Marie and Mary Hart

Reality Chat from Tuesday – and this is what I was talking about in my “Shocking” Elimination post. Votes are *everything* – listen to Rosanna Tvarez talk about Kelly Osbourne. She clearly says that she WANTS Kelly to win – that might not be who should or who will win. They both admit that Mya is the better dancer, and maybe Joanna – but Rosanna is emotionally invested in Kelly. I’m seeing a lot of that across the net too – I think that this season is anybody’s to win. So, which fanbase will muster the votes. And all three couples better have KILLER freestyles – and not just technically good, but one that packs an emotional punch.