DWTS Season 9 Finalists on Larry King Live

I have mad love for Tom Bergeron. 🙂

OMFG!!! Just when I think Donny has won me over he tries to take over Larry King Live before the show is even one minute old. Geez. You know what I yelled at my TV?? SHUT THE F*&K UP!!!! God, so unbelievably, incredibly ANNOYING. Okay. :::deep breath::: I’m over it. For now.

I think Kelly’s dog may be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

Psstt, Tom, the dancers aren’t a mystery. Derek and Joanna both tweeted about it days ago AND CNN showed a clip from their Futuristic Paso (aka Best Dance of the Season) at the opening of the show.

Mya, if it feels that great, why not SHOW it more?

Okay, where’s Louis? I’m ready to hear from him now. 🙂

Oh, yeah, Dmitry, you’re such a rule breaker. :::rolls eyes::: Nice to see Mya admit there is a connection problem – but it was week 8 before you got it, Mya.

I love Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne. WTF was with this short little segment?

I think Donny might give the best freestyle out of the three remaining. But, um, shut up, Donny. LOL, Tom on the Doll Dance crack. Annnd, we see who wears the choreography pants in Mya and Dmitry’s relationship. Lol

Yay, my favorite part of the show!! I love Joanna – she makes a pact with Kelly and she sticks with it no matter what. Derek, on the other hand, should try politics. 😉