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Vote for the Winner of Dancing with the Stars Season 9

We did 2 polls after last week’s show to predict the winner of Dancing with the Stars Season 9. Here’s a link to see the results of those polls and their prediction of Mya as winner of Dancing with Stars season 9. Of course, that voting was done without knowing the scores from tonight’s show. So, let’s vote for the winner of Dancing with the Stars Season 9 now that we know the following scores:
Mya and Dmitry – 87
Donny and Kym – 85
Kelly and Louis – 76

Tomorrow, we’ll know the official winner of Dancing with the Stars season 9. The wait is over.

November 23, 2009 I Written By

Better known as Charlie.

DWTS Season 9, Week 10 – BY THE NUMBERS

Okay, I got a pretty good response from my math lesson post from earlier this week, so I’ll break it down again.

Unfortunately, as with the last several finales, there is a dance on Tuesday that only the judges score – which has the potential to decide the winner if the votes are close. Which annoys me tremendously. But you all knew that. 🙂 Anyway, the judges sort of broke with tradition tonight and did not leave an even playing field. I am of two minds about this. Part of me agrees with Maks – let the VOTERS decide at this point in the season. But the other part of me realizes that Kelly had a couple mistakes that the judges couldn’t overlook (then again, she’s the only non-pro in the group). The judges started off badly by underscoring her Argentine Tango, so when her dances didn’t do better relative to the other two as she went along, she went into a hole. Mathematically, this makes it very hard for her.

The total points out of a possible 90 for the night:
Kelly = 76
Mya = 87
Donny = 85

The total of those three scores is 285. Based on those total points awarded, the following is each celebs share of the judges scores:
Kelly = 30.65
Mya = 35.08
Donny = 34.27

As you can see, there is almost no space between Donny and Mya; less than a point. Kelly is farther out with well more than four points between her and Mya and almost four between her and Donny. Now, that might not seem like much, but at the end of the day I don’t see her beating BOTH Donny and Mya. She was certainly charming enough, IMO, to get LOTS of votes, but I don’t see her getting higher than 3rd place. There are too many people who don’t vote until the last night of the season and odds are those votes will go to Mya and Donny.

Now, based on the Freestyle – well, this show is much poorer without a Hough or Ballas in the finale. Absent the sibs, Kym did an amazing job and they won the night, and possibly the show, with that Freestyle. Kym is only hampered by the fact of Donny’s age and his extreme schedule – no disrespect to Donny intended. He is doing an amazing job for being quite a bit older than Mya and Kelly both – and sorry, but Kym and Donny kicked Mya and Dmitry’s ass in the freestyle round. And, because he kicked their butts despite his age – well, he should take the trophy. And this is coming from a woman who despised the thought of another Osmond on the show – so it’s high praise indeed. I will add, that if not for her fall, Kelly would have easily taken second place – Mya and Dmitry simply did not do the work to win that round. Kelly had more risks and more excitement than Mya did. Yeah she fell – but she did a move that you could fall out of. Mya played it safe. And that pisses me off – what, you expect them to hand it to you?

Okay, enough with the editorializing. Donny, Mya and Kelly fans see what they have to do. It appears to be a shoot out between Mya and Donny. Now, lets speculate. Let’s say that the judges revert to type for the final dances tomorrow. Which I guess means:
Kelly = 27
Mya = 30
Donny = 28

Or something like that. I THINK that means the judges score gets added to the previous judges scores which then counts for 50% of the vote, which means:
Kelly = 103
Mya = 117
Donny = 114

For a total points awarded count of 333. Divide the individual score by the total points awarded to get the percentage for each celebrity:
Kelly = 30.93
Mya = 35.14
Donny = 33.93

As you see, that widens the gap between all the celebrities by a good bit. I suggest that Donny and Kelly fans seriously vote like crazy. Donny has the best shot of beating Mya. With Mya’s as the score to beat, Donny and Kelly need 1.21 and 4.21 percent MORE votes than Mya to beat her. As I said before, it’s anybody’s game. So – what will happen? I’ll go out on a limb and give it to Donny Osmond. 🙂 But – don’t count Mya out. Fans who assume that one or the other wins could end up losing.

I Written By

I'm a nerd and proud of it. Two degrees in geology also means I love BEER. :-) I'm also a Derek lover - proud of that too. So don't scream at those of us on this site and call us a bunch of "biased Derek-lovers" - it's just ME. :-) It may sound like I hate DWTS at times, but really, I'm just a snarky nitpicker from way back. And I'm cynical and jaded too. But I do love DWTS. :-)

DWTS9 Week 10 Final Power Rankings

Oh my wow! Where has this season gone??? I feel like it was just last week that I was trying to rank all 16 couples and it took me bloody forever – and then there were 3.  Gotta say, I was pleasantly surprised by both Donny & Kelly tonight, and felt a little let down by Mya (or rather, Dmitry’s choreography).  However, the tentative rankings I had in my head after last week have remained intact, and now, without further ado, I give you – the FINAL RANKING!!!

Finishing in 3rd place: Kelly & Louis – I will finally come clean: Kelly & Louis were my favorite couple this season (and pretty much the only one I wasn’t accused of either hating on or favoring unfairly), and what a joy it has been to see Kelly blossom from the nervous & unsure girl in week 1 to the fun-loving & confident gal that danced tonight! Kelly was pure joy to watch in her freestyle – who cares if she fouled up more than once? I couldn’t help but smile watching she & Louis groove – those two are just perfect together. And boy did it show in their tango! I honestly felt more chemistry between Kelly & Louis during their tango than I did all season from Mya & Dmitry…and let’s just say Louis isn’t really into chicks (trying to keep it PG here, folks 😉 ).  Kelly’s footwork was crisp & sexy, and there was nary a misstep in sight.  The megamix: oy.  I’m sorry, I absolutely hated the idea…much preferred the mambo marathon & the relay to this.  Honestly, pretty much everyone looked chaotic & out of sync to me, and unfortunately Kelly & Louis stuck out the most.  While the fact that Kelly made it to the finals speaks volumes about her fanbase, she has been in the bottom 2 more than once, and she just doesn’t have the judges scores to boost her potential to win.  But at the risk of sounding totally cheesy – I feel like Kelly is already a winner for all the progress she has made this season.  Best of luck to her after the show ends…I have a feeling we’ll be seeing more of her 🙂

Runner-up: Mya & Dmitry – I’ve said it ad infinitum, but I’ll say it once more for good measure: the best dancer doesn’t always win.  And in this case of Mya & Dmitry, I would be prepared for Gilles Marini redux – I just don’t see them pulling out a win over Donny & Kym.  Her dances tonight only solidified for me that she & Dmitry have about as much chemistry as peanut butter & pickles – they just don’t go together well at all.  Paso – can we say “overscored”? They definitely got off-time, and I feel like Dmitry was powering her through every move.  Mya’s face looked absolutely blank to me – she does great with sexy dances, but with aggressive ones like the paso, I think she’s a bit of a fish out of water & doesn’t quite know what to do with her face.  It also felt a bit repetitive, which seems to be a trend in Dmitry’s choreography – and now we move onto the freestyle.  I hated it.  I felt like it did nothing to showcase Mya’s talents, was low energy, too simple (C’mon, Dmitry…Kelly’s choreography was harder than that!), and cliched – I feel like the ’50s/’60s themed dances on the show have really been overdone.  I have to wonder if their freestyle would have been more exciting had they gone with Mya’s idea instead – after all, when she helped Dmitry with their ’70s samba, it was actually fun to watch, and they got their first perfect 30.  Now here’s the conspiracy: I feel like the judges are gunning hard for Mya to win…to the point that they’re deliberately overscoring her.  To what end? I’m not sure – maybe trying to shift the focus of the show back to good dancing rather than popularity.  So Mya may have the highest point total after tonight, but it’s only 2 points more than Donny…and in the battle of the fanbases (though it will probably be a close call, just like last season!), I think Donny will edge Mya out.  Mya really needed to make an impression tonight to really contend for the trophy, and I feel like she fell short (due mostly to ho-hum choreography). I just don’t see her really sticking out in voters’ minds as much as Donny & Kelly do.  But what a great run! Seriously, Mya could be the best technician I’ve seen on the show – EVER.  It’s a shame she just couldn’t seem to hone her showmanship skills to really knock it out of the park. 

The Winner: Donny & Kym – Donny has actually been a pleasant surprise for me this season, overall – I guess I was bracing for another Marie (ai ai ai).  But when he wasn’t talking out of turn while getting his scores or perpetuating his fauxmance with Bruno, he was actually very fun to watch.  I will give it to him – none of the other competitors this season could measure up to Donny in terms of showmanship.  Almost every week (with the exception of maybe the quickstep & last week’s tango) he brought his energy full-tilt, and never stopped playing to the crowd. He really impressed me in his cha-cha – his foot & hip action were better than any of the other guys I’ve seen this season. Plus it was just a fun, fluffy, energetic routine (even if it was less cha-cha and more open work).  And he had by far the best freestyle – Kym made a smart choice in chosing a Broadway theme again, as that is really Donny’s venue – it was high-energy, explosive, and engaging.  I wish I had more to say about Donny tonight, but he was overall quite good – not much to critique.  He has definitely secured the win in my mind, due not only to his large fanbase, but also his good scores and his peerless performance quality – I may have ragged on Donny in earlier rankings, but his routines were always ones I remembered, for better or worse.  And I will be thrilled if Kym finally gets the trophy after two seasons of being the “almost” girl! Kudos to both of them…


…and with that, I close my final power ranking for this season.  It’s been fun hearing what you guys think week after week, and bouncing thoughts off one another.  Hope you guys will stick with us in the off-season – rest assured this will not be my last post until next March! I still have plenty to chat about and hope you have thoughts and opinions about it 🙂  Now speaking of opinions…let’s hear yours! Will Mya manage to pull out the win over Donny? Will Kelly surprise us all and take the trophy home herself??? Will Cloris get naked tomorrow night (oh dear!)? TALK TO ME! 🙂

I Written By

Ultrasound sales specialist by day, semi-knowledgeable DWTS fan by night...with a smattering of hair & makeup enthusiast, occasional model, baker, and crazy cat lady peppered in to make things REALLY interesting ;-) I might pee my pants in happiness if Donnie Wahlberg ever does DWTS - or if they ever use "Sunglasses at Night" as a paso doble.

Follow the Latest Dancing with the Stars Season 9 Twitter Updates

Many of you probably already know about our list of Dancing with the Stars people on Twitter. We also have a “Twitter list” of those on Dancing with the Stars season 9 which is easy to follow as well. Now, if you want to know the reactions from the stars, pros, judges, etc that are on Dancing with the Stars Season 9, you can just check out the widget below for the latest updates about the show by people on the show and Pure DWTS tweets as well.

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Better known as Charlie.

Dancing with the Stars Season 9 Final Performance Music

We’re back again with the list of music from tonight’s DWTS season 9 performance music. Interesting songs. The freestyles always offer a nice little twist to the show. I’ll admit that I think that Dancing with the Stars swung for the fences on this season’s music. Some were big hits and some were big misses. You can see the full list of DWTS songs here. Now on to tonight’s music:

Kelly & Louis danced Argentine Tango to the song “Los Vino” Otros Aires - Vivo en Otros Aires - Los Vino—Otros Aires
Kelly & Louis danced Megamix to the song “I Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You” Gabriella, Ryan, Sharpay & Troy - High School Musical - I Can't Take My Eyes Off of You—Frankie Valli/”Whenever, Wherever” Shakira - Laundry Service - Whenever, Wherever—Shakira/”Maniac” Michael Sembello - Number 1's: '80s Pop - Maniac—Michael Sembello
Kelly & Louis danced Freestyle to the song “I Will Survive” Gloria Gaynor - Gloria Gaynor - I Will Survive: The Anthology - I Will Survive—Gloria Gaynor
Kelly & Louis danced Viennese Waltz to the song “Trouble” Ray LaMontagne - Trouble - Trouble—Ray LaMontagne
Mýa & Dmitry danced Paso Doble to the song “We Will Rock You” Queen - Queen: Greatest Hits I & II - We Will Rock You—Queen
Mýa & Dmitry danced Megamix to the song “I Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You” Gabriella, Ryan, Sharpay & Troy - High School Musical - I Can't Take My Eyes Off of You—Frankie Valli/”Whenever, Wherever” Shakira - Laundry Service - Whenever, Wherever—Shakira/”Maniac” Michael Sembello - Number 1's: '80s Pop - Maniac—Michael Sembello
Mýa & Dmitry danced Freestyle to the song “You Can’t Stop the Beat” Nikki Blonsky, Zac Efron, Amanda Bynes, Elijah Kelly, John Travolta & Queen Latifah - Hairspray (Soundtrack to the Motion Picture) - You Can't Stop the Beat—from Hairspray
Mýa & Dmitry danced Jive to the song “Would You…?” Touch & Go - I Find You Very Attractive - Would You... ?—Touch and Go
Donny & Kym danced Cha-Cha-Cha to the song “September” Earth, Wind & Fire - Earth, Wind & Fire: Greatest Hits - September—Earth, Wind and Fire
Donny & Kym danced Megamix to the song “I Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You” Gabriella, Ryan, Sharpay & Troy - High School Musical - I Can't Take My Eyes Off of You—Frankie Valli/”Whenever, Wherever” Shakira - Laundry Service - Whenever, Wherever—Shakira/”Maniac” Michael Sembello - Number 1's: '80s Pop - Maniac—Michael Sembello
Donny & Kym danced Freestyle to the song “Let The Good Times Roll” Ray Charles - The Genius of Ray Charles - Let the Good Times Roll—Ray Charles
Donny & Kym danced Argentine Tango to the song “Tango a Pugliese” Orquesta Color Tango de Roberto Alvarez - Tango a Pugliese Con Estilo para Bailar, Vol. 3 - Tango a Pugliese—Orquesta Color Tango de Roberto Alvarez

I Written By

Better known as Charlie.

Heidi says…John says – Kelly Osbourne on DWTS Season 9

Heidi says…
I just love Kelly Osbourne, and that shocks the hell out of me. She’s what the show is all about; a B or C-list celebrity comes in and is paired with a professional partner and she LEARNS how to dance. And dance pretty well. No, she’s not perfect – that’s not the point of the show. She learned how to dance and she is charming as all get out. What’s interesting to me is that once she decided to do this show, she threw herself into it and worked for it. She even went so far as to go to the producers before rehearsals started and told them they better give her a pro she couldn’t push around; she was originally supposed to get Mark Ballas and they switched it up and put her with Louis (yes, this says something about Mark and Louis, but that’s another post 🙂 ) – that speaks to Kelly’s desire to do well. And she has. I think she stands a good chance to win this thing because she is seen as the non-dancer and people love her – it often doesn’t take more than that. Just listen to Rosanna Tvarez of Reality Chat – I bet there are a whole bunch of people like Rosanna out there.

John says…
What scares me is that I think you’re right. There are a lot of people that like Kelly on DWTS and I can’t for the life of me figure out why. Sure, there have been people on Dancing with the Stars that I can’t believe I ended up liking (Joey Lawrence did that for me), but Kelly just annoys the heck out of me. The crazy part is that much like you can’t explain why you like her I have a hard time explaining why I don’t like her. Let me give it a try.

She’s just absolutely awkward on the floor. Her lines are the worst to watch. When I watch her dance, I feel like she’s only going half way. Yes, I’ve seen her talk about how hard she’s trying, but on the dance floor she just feels like she’s only going half way in all her movements. It’s like she’s afraid to go all the way and finish the move. However, the thing that bothers me most is her face. I’m not even sure why, but it’s just so unattractive for me to watch and makes me cringe every time she gets up to dance.

Yes, I know how un-American it is for me to not like the underdog, but this will be the first time I’m not with the underdog. She seems like a sweet girl, but if she hoists the mirror ball I’ll be really disappointed with this season.

Heidi says…
Don’t worry, John, she’s still the long shot, even though she has a shot. I would agree with you in terms of awkward and her face up until the last two weeks or so – I think the fact that she visibly over came those problems is one of the reasons that Joanna went home instead of her. If she’d had another night where she danced like you describe, I think she would have gone home.  But, she’s getting stronger. She seems like she had something of a breakthrough. Be afraid of America’s Sweetheart – not to mention we are total suckers for a British accent. 🙂

John says…
That’s what’s so crazy. I usually LOVE to see people who overcame bad dancing (see Ty from last season) and I’m also a huge sucker for girls with accents (see Cat Deeley…Yummy!). Not to mention my love of blondes. You’d think that Kelly would be my absolute favorite. That’s why it’s so amazing that she couldn’t find a way into my heart. I hope you’re right and that she does get sent home. I predict the judges will give her higher scores than she deserves and possibly lower scores for the other 2 just to keep things interesting.

Heidi says…
Nah, if the judges stick to their usual finale script, you won’t see a huge difference in the scoring unless someone falls down and breaks something. Unless of course, Len is so pissed about Gilles losing last season he gives all 8’s to Kelly and Donny and all 10’s to Mya. Could happen. But as I showed in a previous post – that might not be enough to give her the win. 🙂

I Written By

I'm a nerd and proud of it. Two degrees in geology also means I love BEER. :-) I'm also a Derek lover - proud of that too. So don't scream at those of us on this site and call us a bunch of "biased Derek-lovers" - it's just ME. :-) It may sound like I hate DWTS at times, but really, I'm just a snarky nitpicker from way back. And I'm cynical and jaded too. But I do love DWTS. :-)

John says…Heidi says – Mya on DWTS Season 9

John says…
Let me introduce my comments about Mya with the fact that I knew nothing about Mya before they announced she’d be in the show and I think I’ve been spending too much time at home on paternity leave since whenever I see or hear the name Mya I start singing the song from the PBS kids show “Mya y Miguel.” Yes, I need help.

Those feelings aside, it just doesn’t feel right that Mya’s even in this competition. I know this may sound a bit hypocritical, but hear me out. Sure, I didn’t hold Melissa Rycroft accountable for her ballet experience, but that was forever ago (granted many others weren’t as generous). I’m also fine with entertainers like Donny Osmond who have kind of danced on stage a few times. Even gymnasts like Shawn Johnson are fine with me since gymnastics is far different than ballroom. Honestly, I didn’t held it against Mya in the beginning either. However, that changed in one of the early dances where they showed Mya helping Dmitry with the choreography. I think that says something about Dmitry also, but it just felt wrong for the star being the one helping with the choreography. I want my star to be at the mercy of their professional partner because this is foreign to them.

Next thing you know, they’re going to bring Julianne Hough on the show as a “star” singer and partner her with Derek Hough. Would that seem to fair to anyone? While Mya’s not in Julianne’s category, there are similarities to how I feel about Mya.

Heidi says…
Well, I can’t find anything to argue about. 🙂 You pretty much sum it up. The girl was in Chicago, fer cryin’ out loud. I will add that Mya and Dmitry, up until last week, really had no personality plus all this talk about sleeping in the studio and having food brought in – well, it just strikes me as much too much.

I will say that both Shawn and Kristi kind of annoyed me – not them personally, but their presence in the ballroom – simply from the stand point that they aren’t your typical “olympians” from where I sit. I’m the typical Olympics viewer – rather casual. I had heard of Apollo, but not of any of the other Olympians on the show. But Shawn and Kristi are/were extremely popular young women in extremely popular sports followed by lots of young women. HUGE advantage going in – and I really don’t like to know who’s going to win on the front end. Now, Mya doesn’t fit this category – I think she was predicted to be good, but then as soon as you started looking at her bio…well, it just rubs me the wrong way.

And please, Mya fans, save the whole “but Joanna was a ballerina” crap for people who don’t know better. If you can’t distinguish between someone who took ballet as a *pre-teen* and someone who has been dancing her whole life, there’s no help for ya.

John says…
I actually like Dmitry and have liked him since SYTYCD. However, he really hasn’t shown to be as good of a choreographer on DWTS as even when he would choreograph for SYTYCD. It doesn’t seem he knows how to bring the best out of his partner. I still like him, but he should bring much more than he’s doing with someone as talented as Mya. I also can’t not mention something about Mya. Is it just me or does her head look like a Rat? Sure, that’s not a reason she shouldn’t win, but I just can’t get over it when I see her dancing.

At the end of the day, Mya has been smooth and consistent. However, have any of her performances been absolutely memorable? I can’t think of any. To me that means she’s not worthy of a mirror ball trophy.

Heidi says…
The answer is no – none of her performance are going to be remembered down the line. That honor goes to the futuristic paso doble – and no, I don’t think that’s my bias showing. Love it or hate it – you won’t *forget* it.

Dmitry is too quiet for me, and he clearly never watched DWTS before. Dude, everyone in the world knows that Len doesn’t like gimicks! Everyone on the message boards – even huge Dmitry fans – said they started screaming at the TV when Mya started dusting. If he had only done it once, it would be one thing – but to do it a few times and then claim you don’t know what Len’s problem is? Really? I think he has figured it out, now, but geez. It’s not just the SYTYCD thing – I don’t think Chelsie had this problem last season, although I clearly remember that Lacey got the Len treatment when she was with Lance Bass. I also seem to recall that was another instance where the celeb had too much input – that is the issue with Dmitry as well.

That’s a horrible thing to say about Mya’s head, John. Shame on you. 😉

John says…
Glad we agree.

I Written By

Better known as Charlie.

John Says…Heidi Says – Donny Osmond on DWTS

This is the beginning of a little back and forth banter about the 3 finalists on Dancing with the Stars. First up is Donny Osmond.

John says…
Donny Osmond was called the biggest ringer to ever be on Dancing with the Stars. I think he’s actually lived up to that billing. His dance and performance ability has shown through and there’s no arguing his popularity after a lifetime in the entertainment industry. However, what’s been most amazing to me is that Donny has been able to reasonably battle his “ringer” status and even converted a new set of fans that were destined to hate him. This is why Donny has an amazing chance of hoisting the mirror ball trophy.

Heidi says…
You say “lived up to that billing” like ringer status is a good thing.  It’s so not!  I hate it when better dancers leave because one dancer not only has a huge fanbase, but is not the best dancer – that unbalances the show right from the start. Gained new fans? Perhaps – there is no way to actually measure that. I’m sure I’m not the only one that wants to pull my ears off my head when he makes his grab for the microphone. He battles his ringer status because he’s not a good dancer at the end of the day – that makes his ringer status easier to tolerate (and it lulls viewers into underestimating the power of his fanbase – me included). But, for me, right when Donny does something to make me like him, he pulls a stunt like he did on Larry King Live the other night – dude, shut the hell up. Not everything is about YOU. Donny has a great chance of hoisting the MBT all right – but NOT because of his dancing. He’s all performance and mouth, little technique. All that said…I love Kym Johnson, so I have to root for them (her).

John says…
Well, I’m glad to see we agree about Kym. Kym is fantastic and Donny is lucky to have her as a partner. I can’t imagine Donny with anyone else. Karina would have flipped out on him. Edyta would have just rolled his eyes when he spoke. Lacey or Chelsie would have been too many mormons. Ok, I digress.

I’m not saying I’m a HUGE fan of Donny either. He’s always a bit awkward to me on the floor and when he’s talking. However, I love that he is himself. Certainly there’s a bit of acting, but I honestly think that Donny is like he is on the show in real life. He was brought up that way since before he knew what the word actor meant and so he knows nothing else. His grab for the microphone is annoying and he’s got to stop that.

However, I do like it when someone lives up to their ringer status. I don’t care if a better dancer goes home because they’re not as popular as long as they’re not my favorite;-) Seriously though, it’s just a feature of the show and something that everyone involves knows is going to happen. I wonder how much of that is figured into what they’re paid to be on the show. If the show really wanted the best dancer, then they’d weight the judges score to be more than the audience vote.

Yes, Donny has a great chance at hoisting the MBT because of his performance, mouth and little technique and not because of his dancing. What’s so wrong with that? The trophy doesn’t represent great dancing. It’s not even “America’s Favorite Dancer” like So You Think You Can Dance. It’s just a ball that represents…well nothing. So, I’m good with it representing mouth, performance, and little technique.

Heidi says…
Well, you’re the one that mentioned “dance and performance ability” in your original comment, that’s what I was responding to. I really don’t care if the best dancer doesn’t win – I often don’t vote for the best dancer. I won’t be voting for the best dancer tonight, either. 🙂  Let’s talk about Mya and see if you still love someone living up to that “ringer status”. Heh.

John says…
I think very few people actually vote based on dance ability. Although, a great, memorable dance I think does encourage more people to vote. If you’re voting for Kelly tonight, I might have to just vote for Donny to counteract your votes. Not that I’m a huge fan of Donny, but I can’t handle Kelly winning.

Let’s talk about Mya’s ringer status. The difference is that Mya is a ringer that’s a DANCER. I don’t like this, but that’s because I think the premise of the show is to take stars that can’t dance and see them try. Mya was helping with the choreography for goodness sakes. Donny is a different story since he doesn’t have the dance skills. He’s using the other qualities he has to try and enhance his performance. I like that.

Heidi says…
We won’t argue about Mya. 🙂 I don’t know who I’m voting for tonight – either Kelly or Donny and it’s going to depend heavily on the choreography. I’ll vote for what excites me. Based on Louis’s “Pricilla Queen of the Desert” tweets, I’m just not sure. 🙂

John says…
I know who I’m voting for…

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Better known as Charlie.

Dancing with the Stars Season 9 Winner Prediction

After the final 3 were announced last week, we posted two polls for readers of this site to vote for the winner of Dancing with the Stars season 9. It’s time to check out the results and see who we predict as the winner of Dancing with the Stars season 9.

The first poll asked “Who do you want to be the winner of Dancing with the Stars season 9?”
Who do you want to be the winner of Dancing with the Stars season 9?

The second poll asked “Who do you think will be the winner of Dancing with the Stars season 9?”
Who do you think will be the winner of Dancing with the Stars season 9?

From the looks of the polls, both of them are predicting Mya to be the winner of Dancing with the Stars. I find it interesting that it’s MUCH closer when you talk about who people WANT to be the winner. Basically, shows a nice split in the fan bases, but even fans of other people think that Mya has this one in the bag.

One likely bias in the polls is that I’m pretty sure that many of Donny’s fans aren’t online and visiting websites like this one. We’ll see how the scores go tonight, but if you read Heidi’s post on Dancing with the Stars scoring, then you’ll realize that it’s the voting that will matter most and not the judges scores.

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Better known as Charlie.