John says…Heidi says – Mya on DWTS Season 9

John says…
Let me introduce my comments about Mya with the fact that I knew nothing about Mya before they announced she’d be in the show and I think I’ve been spending too much time at home on paternity leave since whenever I see or hear the name Mya I start singing the song from the PBS kids show “Mya y Miguel.” Yes, I need help.

Those feelings aside, it just doesn’t feel right that Mya’s even in this competition. I know this may sound a bit hypocritical, but hear me out. Sure, I didn’t hold Melissa Rycroft accountable for her ballet experience, but that was forever ago (granted many others weren’t as generous). I’m also fine with entertainers like Donny Osmond who have kind of danced on stage a few times. Even gymnasts like Shawn Johnson are fine with me since gymnastics is far different than ballroom. Honestly, I didn’t held it against Mya in the beginning either. However, that changed in one of the early dances where they showed Mya helping Dmitry with the choreography. I think that says something about Dmitry also, but it just felt wrong for the star being the one helping with the choreography. I want my star to be at the mercy of their professional partner because this is foreign to them.

Next thing you know, they’re going to bring Julianne Hough on the show as a “star” singer and partner her with Derek Hough. Would that seem to fair to anyone? While Mya’s not in Julianne’s category, there are similarities to how I feel about Mya.

Heidi says…
Well, I can’t find anything to argue about. 🙂 You pretty much sum it up. The girl was in Chicago, fer cryin’ out loud. I will add that Mya and Dmitry, up until last week, really had no personality plus all this talk about sleeping in the studio and having food brought in – well, it just strikes me as much too much.

I will say that both Shawn and Kristi kind of annoyed me – not them personally, but their presence in the ballroom – simply from the stand point that they aren’t your typical “olympians” from where I sit. I’m the typical Olympics viewer – rather casual. I had heard of Apollo, but not of any of the other Olympians on the show. But Shawn and Kristi are/were extremely popular young women in extremely popular sports followed by lots of young women. HUGE advantage going in – and I really don’t like to know who’s going to win on the front end. Now, Mya doesn’t fit this category – I think she was predicted to be good, but then as soon as you started looking at her bio…well, it just rubs me the wrong way.

And please, Mya fans, save the whole “but Joanna was a ballerina” crap for people who don’t know better. If you can’t distinguish between someone who took ballet as a *pre-teen* and someone who has been dancing her whole life, there’s no help for ya.

John says…
I actually like Dmitry and have liked him since SYTYCD. However, he really hasn’t shown to be as good of a choreographer on DWTS as even when he would choreograph for SYTYCD. It doesn’t seem he knows how to bring the best out of his partner. I still like him, but he should bring much more than he’s doing with someone as talented as Mya. I also can’t not mention something about Mya. Is it just me or does her head look like a Rat? Sure, that’s not a reason she shouldn’t win, but I just can’t get over it when I see her dancing.

At the end of the day, Mya has been smooth and consistent. However, have any of her performances been absolutely memorable? I can’t think of any. To me that means she’s not worthy of a mirror ball trophy.

Heidi says…
The answer is no – none of her performance are going to be remembered down the line. That honor goes to the futuristic paso doble – and no, I don’t think that’s my bias showing. Love it or hate it – you won’t *forget* it.

Dmitry is too quiet for me, and he clearly never watched DWTS before. Dude, everyone in the world knows that Len doesn’t like gimicks! Everyone on the message boards – even huge Dmitry fans – said they started screaming at the TV when Mya started dusting. If he had only done it once, it would be one thing – but to do it a few times and then claim you don’t know what Len’s problem is? Really? I think he has figured it out, now, but geez. It’s not just the SYTYCD thing – I don’t think Chelsie had this problem last season, although I clearly remember that Lacey got the Len treatment when she was with Lance Bass. I also seem to recall that was another instance where the celeb had too much input – that is the issue with Dmitry as well.

That’s a horrible thing to say about Mya’s head, John. Shame on you. 😉

John says…
Glad we agree.