Top Dancing with the Stars Season 9 Music

Many of you know that we’ve been doing our best to list all of the songs used on Dancing with the Stars. Hopefully you’ve found that useful. I see a lot of people visiting those pages, but rarely hear what people think about it.

Anyway, I always think it’s fun to look back at the music from the season of Dancing with the Stars and see which songs were the most popular. This isn’t scientific. It’s basically based on which songs got the most clicks. So, here’s the top 4 songs used on Dancing with the Stars season 9.

Hallelujah Leonard Cohen - The Essential Leonard Cohen - Hallelujah – Leonard Cohen (this blew all the other songs out of the water)
Would You…. ? Touch & Go - I Find You Very Attractive - Would You... ? – Touch & Go
Living on Video Trans-X - Living On Video - Living On Video – Trans-X
They Jem - Finally Woken - They – Jem

Very interesting set of music. Thanks for stopping by all year for the DWTS music. Of course, we’ll be doing our best to keep up with the other rumors in the off season and be back for more DWTS music next season as well.