Dancing with the Stars 2010

Well, the 9th season of Dancing with the Stars is now over and so it’s time to start looking forward to season 10 of DWTS. What things would you like to see changed? What things did they do this season that you’d like to see again next season?

For me, I’d get rid of all the couples and go back to a more reasonable number. There were just too many people to keep track of for one season. I also think that most of the new dances need to go as well. The old ones were good enough. I’d also like to see them have some rules free performances, but I bet that won’t happen.

The thing I’d like to see them keep the most is all of the new group dances that they did. Not to mention the dance off where they all danced at the same time and were voted off kind of like the more traditional ballroom competitions where they all dance at the same time.

What are your thoughts on what you’d like to see on DWTS 2010?