Dancing with the Stars Judges – Strictly Best Friends

So, I found this article in the Mirror Online, which is a UK paper (Tabloid?), and had to share it. As most of you know, Len and Bruno also judge Strictly Come Dancing which is the British version of Dancing with the Stars. SCD is the original version of DWTS and as you saw from the pictures I posted that Derek took last week when he visited the set, they mirror each other fairly closely (although we have better pros 🙂 ). Anyway, Len and Bruno are very good friends and extremely hilarious – you have to read the entire article, it’s a scream. If you never do anything other than watch DWTS on TV and visit this site from time to time, you would never know that Len was so flippin’ hilarious. You already know about Bruno, I’m sure. Some excerpts are below. 🙂

Strictly best friends
By Beth Neil 12/12/2009


One is a fired-up Italian. The other is a twinkly-eyed Englishman.

They couldn’t be more different, but Strictly Come Dancing’s Len Goodman, 65, and Bruno Tonioli, 54, are the best of pals.

Q What is your first memory of the other?

Len: Bruno wasn’t the gregarious character we know now. He didn’t burst forth until we started doing the American show where there’s a lot more shouting and screaming.

Bruno: I thought he was very posh and distinguished – then he opened his mouth. It didn’t take long for us to start laughing our heads off because we’ve got the same wicked sense of humour. We had an instant understanding.

Q What is your best memory of a night out together?

Len: When we’re over in the States for 11 weeks during the spring we’ll go to the pictures together or out for a pizza and we always have a great time.

Bruno: There was one where he got absolutely paralytic. We were in America and they started serving cocktails. Len was bouncing off the walls. It was so hysterical I nearly p***** myself.

Q Who’s the best drinker?

Len: Neither of us. The cheapest dates in the world, me and Bruno.We’re half-cut when we’re sober so it doesn’t take much to tip us over the edge.

Bruno: We’re both as bad as each other.

Q Which of you is the best-looking?

Len: I’m a natural beauty, but Bruno relies on cosmetics to bring him up to my standards. He’s a gym fanatic and for his age he’s got a good, firm body. But he loves to show it off. Any excuse to whip his T-shirt up and display his pectorals. When we’re in LA he sits out in his under shorts with his nuts and bolts exploding out of his blimmin’ Y-fronts. It’s not a pleasant sight.

Bruno: Well me, of course. I’m younger and sexier. Len needs to go to the gym because he’s putting on a bit of a belly. I’m going to make him come to the gym with me every day when we go back to America. He’s going to look like Schwarzenegger.