All I Want for DWTS Christmas

I’m sitting here waiting for the SYTYCD finale and so I decided to make a list of things I want changed or added on Dancing with the Stars 2010.

1. Replace Samantha – you had to know this one was coming. She’s just terrible. Ok, she is pleasant to look at, but then she opens her mouth. Tell you what. How about you have her dance on the show. I would like to watch that. Plus it has the added advantage of her not being able to host if she’s dancing.

2. No Live Band – we’ve hashed this issue up over and over so I won’t rehash it here. I just don’t like it. However, the music selection was a little better this season.

3 More Behind the Scenes – I’d love to see more of what goes on behind the scenes of the show. If not on the show, then on the DWTS website is fine with me.

4. How about a themed DWTS? All sports people or all singers or all tv personalities. Would even the playing field a little better I think.

5 Dancing with the Stars All Stars – bring back a bunch of our favorites to compete again. This time rotatw the pro that dances with them each week. One episode they should bring back all of the worst dancers from DWTS. Imagine a dance off between all those terrible dancers. We won’t be able to stop laughing.

6. More Pro Dances – No special guest singer should be allowed on the show without the professional dancers also. I want dance and great dance. Not just some singer with crappy dancers.

7. DWTS Tour – I can’t believe their not doing a tour again. Maybe over the summer?

8. Edyta For the Win – I was really happy that Kym finally won a mirrorball trophy. Now it’s finally time for the beautiful Edyta. she would be so excited and that would just flat out make me happy.

9. Fewer Contestants – I think we all realize that 16 was too many. Does the show realize this?

10. A DWTS Professionals Special – How about an evening of incredible choreography, music and dance by the various DWTS professionals. It would be great to see the pros at their very best with no limits.

OK, that’s a good start. What do you want for your DWTS Christmas?