Jennifer Grey on DWTS Season 10?

UPDATE: Check out the latest updates about Jennifer Grey on Dancing with the Stars!

According to the New York Post’s Page Six, she’s in negotiations! Now, Page Six is their gossip page, and this is listed as such, but it’s an interesting idea, no??

We Hear…

…That Jennifer Grey of “Dirty Dancing” fame is in quiet negotiations with suits from “Dancing with the Stars” to be a contestant next season . .

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Current Picture – I didn’t realize that she is 49 years old. I guess in my brain she’ll always be Baby.

Jennifer Grey-SGG-088007

Okay – this brings up an interesting question: ringer or no?? I can’t even decide, but I would be very interested in what you all have to say. She has far less experience (AFAIK) than a Mya or a Donny, and while probably a sentimental favorite, I doubt she has a fanbase any bigger than a Jenny Garth. As far as I know (and I’ll research it if this becomes more solid), she danced in Dirty Dancing and that was learning choreography for a one-time performance.

So? What do you guys think??