DWTS Season 10 – Kate Gosselin Part II

Oh my. The Twitter-verse are not the only peeps very unhappy with the idea of Kate Gosselin on DWTS! Holy cow – this is from Dr. Lillian Glass, a body language expert that I believe we’ve seen on DWTS. It’s..umm…harsh. 🙂

Kate Gosslin’s Body Language on Jay Leno Shows She’ NOT Ready for Prime Time And Unrealtistic Expectations In Wanting to Appear on Dancing With the Stars

Before Kate is ready to appear on cameraq other than a mother disciplinining her husband and kids she needs a lot of work. Her constatnt phony laughter where there was no eye movement or cheek movement but just a loud laugh which was inaapropriate at times, her mugging for the camera, snarky sacrsasm,shoulder shrugs, and amature sounding timing reflkects that she does not have the IT factor required for on camera personalities.

DWTS REQUIRES HARD WORK. LOTS OF TIME AWAY FROM FAMILY, AND POSSIBLE PHYSICAL INJURYAs the Body Language Expert on Dancing With the Stars, I have personally seen the tremendous hard work and dedication that it takes to participate in this show- up close and personal. When you sign up to be one of the dancers you might as well kiss your life as you knew it goodbye. You will rarely see your family for months and if you do it will be for a very short period of time. That would be a horrible thing for her 8 kids. They would not be seeing their mother very often and that is for sure!

Anyone appearing on the show as a dancer has to be prepared for a lot of physical pain that may debilitate them. This is especially true if they happen to break a bone, pull a ligament, or sprain an ankle. This could put a mother of 8 who needs to remain in tip top physical condition, out of commission when she needs to be there for her kids 100 per cent. She is definitely not considering her kids in her decision. She is obviously just considering herself and her own ego to even consider appearing on the show without thinking about that.

Then she brings Maks into it – Maks fans, don’t shoot the messenger. 🙂

If Kate does appear on DWTS, the only salvation would be if she gets partnered up with no nonsense Maxim Chmerkovskiy . Maxim is pretty hard on his partners if he detects any BS, attitude, or the dancers don’t live up to his professional expectations. He will definitely give Kate a reality check. He won’t let her get away with any of her nonsense. He will for sure give her a taste of her own medicine so she will completely get what it feels like to be treated the ways he treated Jon or her kids. Heaven help her if she tries to bully Maxim around! Now that would be GREAT reality TV! She can then see what it feels like when the tables are turned on her.

I say, Go Dr. Lillian, go. 😉