Dancing with the Stars Season 10 – Rumors and Changes

Well, this rumor sounds legit and NOT all at the same time. 🙂 From Cincinnati.com:

Will Chad Ochocinco be “Dancing with the Stars” on the show’s 10th season premiere March 22?

The Bengals receiver, who loves dancing in the end zone, is available to ABC since his season ended last weekend.

Football player turned Hollywood video director Matthew Cherry – who was cut by the Bengals during training camp in 2005 – sent a Twitter message last fall saying a “DWTS” producer asked about Ochocinco being on the show.

Not much has been said since Cherry tweeted: “I used to warm the bench for (Ochocinco) back in training camp of ’05 w/the Bengals. I guess that’s why they asked me about him for DWTS … I hope it works out.”

Since they were talking about last season, I might be inclined to say all bets were off. But we’ve watched this show long enough to know that not making it on one season does NOT preclude making it on another. And who is Chad Ochocinco? A wide receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals, as far as I can tell. 🙂

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That’s the rumor. The changes? Well, that’s kind of a bit of crap on the part of ABC. They change this show EVERY season. Every single one has been different from the one that came before. So part of me says, “Puh-lease” with all the talk of changes. Anyway, from BuddyTV:

For one, there’ll be fewer couples when Dancing with the Stars returns on March 22. ABC entertainment president Steve McPherson himself said he likes airing two cycles of the show each year, but 16 couples in one season was just too much. Hence, Dancing with the Stars season 10 will be limited to 11 to 12 couples tops.

I think that’s a return to the past more than it is a “change” but po-TAY-to, po-TAH-to. They go on to say:

Another change they’re introducing: the first couple will be eliminated after the second episode, giving chance for everyone to adapt to performing in front of everyone on live television. The cut will be based on the judges’ scores in addition to votes from the public for the first two episodes.

This they’ve done before too, haven’t they? I seem to recall at least one season where they followed this format, but maybe I’m losing it. 🙂 I’m sure someone will tell me the answer in the comments. Or they’ll tell me I’m crazy. 🙂