Paula Abdul on DWTS Season 10 – Addendum

I’ve seen a number of different possible scenarios for Paula on Season 10, in addition to the possibility of her competing. The way that TMZ worded their article, I assumed they wanted her as a contestant. However, I’ve seen some assume she would be on as a Judge. I’ve also, since Sam quit, seen quite a few people state that it seems obvious that Paula would take Sam’s place – including Annie Barrett from Entertainment Weekly (via Twitter).

What is the likelihood of either scenario?? Well, considering that Paula was supposedly offered 1 million dollars, I have to believe that it’s either for competing or judging and that if it’s judging it’s one season only. Paula made many times that on American Idol, so she doesn’t need the work, plus that number seems too low!! Additionally, I have to think that hosting with Tom Bergeron would be a step down, in her mind, from judging on American Idol (and possibly, now, X-Factor). Also, since one million dollars is far above what I’ve heard the most popular celebs have made on that show, I’m starting to lean towards her being the fourth judge. Since the British version of DWTS has four judges on a regular basis, this isn’t out of the question. She would definitely add a different judging element to the show and, frankly, she’s every bit as qualified as Carrie Ann and Bruno, maybe more so. That’s why I’m so opposed to her being a contestant. I think I actually wouldn’t mind seeing her on as a fourth judge. AND, a fourth judge would mean less filler on a two hour performance show when only 12 couples are dancing.

So…contestant, judge or host? Your vote? Mine is for judge, definitely not for either contestant or host. Tom is awesome enough – add in Drew or maybe Brooke Burke. Heck, even Melissa Rycroft!

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