DWTS Season 10 Rumors – Greg Louganis…Again!

Shock of shocks, People.com is reporting that Greg Louganis wants to be on Dancing with the Stars!! Gee…where have I heard this one before? 😉 That’s right, this rumor started a while back and I reported on it here and here and here!  Now, People.com is quoting Greg as saying “put me on Dancing with the Stars”.  What does all this mean? Well, the original rumor was that he was vying for a spot on the show and subsequent rumors have been that he wants to be on the show. “Vying” could mean that he’s just putting it out there, or it could mean he was actually under consideration.  I tend to think that there is a real possibility of Greg being on the show, if not this season, then the next.  Mainly because, as I’ve said before, they had him do a cameo last seasons – that strengthens the possibility in my eyes.

Since I was doing this for the rumored females….potential partner? Well, Greg is 49, an Olympian and 5’9″ tall.  I’m going to say Karina, Cheryl or MAYBE Edyta.