Dancing with the Stars Battle of the Worst

I previously posted about having a Dancing with the Stars All Stars. I still think that would be an amazing season of Dancing with the Stars. All the amazing dancers strutting their stuff. Well, as I was listing all of the celebrities I’d like to see on DWTS, I also thought about how funny it would be to have a DWTS battle of the worst.

Ok, I’m not sure I really want to watch a full season of it. Maybe just an episode or two combined with the All Stars or something. Plus, I don’t know if the winner is the best of the worst or if being named the worst is the one that should get the title. Either way, here’s a list of some of the worst dancers the show’s seen. Many of which I truly would enjoy seeing them on the show again.

Tom Delay – I’m sure that Heidi will kill me for putting him on this list. The funny part is that is exactly why I’d like to see him on the show again…lol

Holly Madison – She’s just too good looking. I don’t really care how she dances.

Steve Wozniak – I’m a nerd and the Woz is an idol for nerds. Plus, he loved the show so much and really gave EVERYTHING that he had on the show. Not to mention that killer worm he did. Plus, I’d like to see him dance with someone other than Karina.

Jeffrey Ross – He was a horrible dancer, but at least he made me laugh. His roasts were a bit over the top for the moment and the show, but I still laughed a lot. Bring him back to make me laugh.

Adam Carolla – He was funny like Jeffrey Ross too. I guess I enjoy the humor. Since they can’t dance at least their humor was entertaining.

Josie Maran – Yes, I have a bias for models, but I also think she should have done better than she did. America shouldn’t have sent her home so early.

Mark Cuban – Another computer guy, but I also loved how fully invested he was in the competition. I loved watching the various ways he tried to get votes and stay on longer.

Paulina Porizkova – With a name like that, she should be back.

Shandi Finnessey – Her and Paulina could have a battle of crazy names.

Tucker Carlson – He was just terrible. A list of the worst must include him.

Kenny Mayne – I love when he had girl’s makeup on. Oh yes, and he challenges Tucker for worst dancer I think.

Imagine what a show with all of these dancers would be like? Who else deserves to be on the DWTS Battle of the Worst?