DWTS Season 10 – Gossip and Innuendo

Was someone mentioning Candace Cameron Bure? Ah yes, she’s the one who’s been “speculated” or “wished for” on DWTS for a few seasons now. Where the speculation came from – her or her fans – I don’t remember. And I don’t really care. šŸ™‚ But according to her, it ain’t happening. I would suggest she’s lying at the direction of producers, but since she is very religious – well, she best not be.

Okay, this exchange, below, scares me more than LaToya and Pam Anderson combined. Please, God, NO. Please. I don’t ask for much, but I cannot tolerate Marie Osmond. I came to like Donny very much – but save me from Marie, please. To say I disliked her when she was a contestant on DWTS is putting it mildly. And if the dude below ends up being right, I will curse all you Sam Harris haters for making the show WORSE. šŸ™‚ You know what they say…better the enemy you know. lol

You all know who Billy Bush is – he’s a radio and TV Host. R.J. Johnson, according to his twitter page, is a TV producer/writer in LA. He could be full of crap, he could be right – I’m just reporting the conversation. I want to share my fear. šŸ˜‰