Paula Abdul on DWTS Season 10 – The Mystery Continues

Well, I feel like Paula might have clarified one thing in this recent interview – she won’t be a*contestant* on DWTS.  She could, however, be a judge.  But she’s kind of her usual incomprehensible self in this interview – you be the judge of what it is she’s trying to say.  From USA Today:

When asked to give a clue as to her next project, she said, “Drop a clue? Oh, I’m gonna be going back to my roots and doing a TV show that has something to do with my roots,” she said this morning on the morning radio program, afterdodging several questionsasking her to confirm rumors that she’ll be reunited with Simon Cowell on his new X Factor show.

“I’m going back to doing some teaching on television in that kind of capacity,” she added. “And what else can I tell you? I might be doing something with the Laker Girls.”

Of course, they’re asking specifically about X-Factor, but neither X-factor nor DWTS includes her “teaching” in an area that goes back to her “roots”. At least, not in my opinion. To me, her “roots” are in DANCE, not singing. The British version of X-Factor has that “mentoring” aspect where each judge mentors a singer – but I just don’t think that is her roots. DWTS would be her roots – but there is no teaching capacity on DWTS for her except as a pro….and I’m sorry that would be the last straw, IMO. In case you wonder why were talking about DWTS as a possibility, I direct you to my previous posts on the subject:

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