DWTS Season 10 Gossip – A New Male Pro?

Twitter is a wonderful thing. It lead me to a comment from someone asking Maks if he heard that Damian Whitewood from Burn the Floor was going to be on DWTS Season 10. With a little help from my friends, I found that Petra Murgatroyd (also of BTF) had posted on her Facebook that Damian, her boyfriend, is going to be on:

Now, there a couple of ways Damian could be on DWTS season 10. One – as a pro dancer in pro dances. We’ve seen that happen time and again. Aliona Vilani, who is currently on Strictly Come Dancing in the UK, showed up on a few episodes as a pro dancer a season or two ago, as have others. The second option is one that has tremendous potential to piss me off in a big, big way. 🙂 That option is as a new pro partnering a celebrity. Now as much as I complain about certain males (Alec and Dmitry, to name two), I don’t want to see ANY of the regular pros replaced by another against their will. The only way that I would not throw a hissy fit is if it turns out that Alec, Tony and maybe Derek or Maks (or others) had better plans and asked out for a season or two, a la Julianne. This is entirely possible, of course – I’ve heard whispers of Alec and Tony both having movie roles in Europe. I don’t know that they were large parts, but they certainly could be timed right to take them out for a season. Derek – he has been answering the “are you going to be on Season 10” in a variety of strange ways. One answer was “I’ll always be involved in the show in one way or another” or something like that. Recently he was asked and his head was shaking no while he was claiming ignorance. He also said has “new adventures” this year. He was very smiley and happy, so I think something else is going on there (Access Hollywood – note what he says about Julianne). Then there’s Mark – Mark has a lot of different things he’s working on as well.

Or is it someone else?? I don’t think that Maks, Derek, Mark or even Tony would be replaced just for the hell of it because they are extremely popular – I think that is obvious. Let’s face it – the audience for this show is predominantly female and we women love our hot pros. Dmitry has his fans as well, so as much as I am not a fan, I kinda doubt he is in jeopardy.

The math here is pretty simple. We had 8 male pros last season. The producers claim they are reducing the couples to 12 so that implies only 6 male pros. That means two lose their job already, without a new guy coming in. For Damian to have a full time job, that means a third pro won’t be there. So…anyone have any scoop?? Do three of our men have new jobs? Or is one (or more) being fired to make room for Damian?? Come on now – I don’t want to be pissed off by myself. 🙂